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CrocoTeam From 2011 till 2015

CrocoTeam From 2011 till 2015


We would like to announce that CrocoBite was sold out to on the th of september 2015

crocobite will continue its hosting services till 1-11-2015 then it will shut down on the same date it started that day on 1-11-2011

All Client accounts are already transferred to you would receive a phone call before 25-10-2015 to continue

We are proudly announce that all CrocoBite clients are and all clients will be migrated to another company.

From the Bottom of my heart me @Walid Mamdouh Mohamed Gamal one of the two co-founders of crocobite we thank all our 60 clients for trusting us over the past 4 years.We are proud to be your Web services Provider.

Also I can not forget every or anyone who was a part of crocobite and below is their names:

1- Mohammed Fouad (Co-founder and Chief Media officer -CMO) 2011 – 2014.

A part from that Mohamed Fouad is my friend and more than a brother actually we never agree on making a social Bussiness But how ever and whenever there is  a critical and bussiness decision made by him i always ignores it 😀

But i love him so much and I wish him all the Luck in HOLMESBURGER.
2- Mohammed Khaled (Chief Human Resources Officer CHRO and Project Manager) 2012 – 2014.

A Life Partner , that is the least I can say about him
3- Nahla Adel el Kashef (Project Manager and 3 months CEO) summer 2014.
4- Nairouz Shehata (Software Engineer) summer 2014.
5- Mina Makary (Software Engineer) summer 2013 – July 2014.
6- Trainee summer 2013
7- Haidy hesham as a media consultant 2011 – 2014.
8- Hadil hesham as a media specialist summer 2013.
9- Faiza Harby as a video photographer and creative copywriter for shooting 4 hours during summer 2014.
10- Mahmoud Fayed for being a free lancer with us since 2011 till 2013.
11- Noha Abo Zahra  (Served crocobite as Marketing specialist consultant since 2011 )

My Sister in Islam and I am her Brother from another mother. I also  😀

12- Ahmed Bastawy  My first client since 31-1-2012  and my mentor 2011 till the end of my life.

13- Ahmed Nabil  Supporter summer 2014 and my friend till the end of my life.

14- Ayman Bastawy  Ice alex Operator and CrocoBite’s Supporter  and my friend till the end of my life.


It has been a great honer working with you guys it my time to go out of crocobite like you have did before and start something new just like you.

Best Regards ,
Walid Mamdouh Mohamed Gamal Youssef
Co-Founder and The JOKER Player at the Company
October 2011 till November 2015.


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September 19, 2015

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