“Gessur Initiative, E- Grow your Bussiness” is the first Egyptian entrepreneurship initiative of its kind that targets the growth of small projects, giving Egyptian entrepreneurs a competing privilege to increase their share in the market, develop their small projects and work to recruit more Egyptian youth.

Gessur Initiative, E-Grow Your Bussiness

70 % of the Egyptian economy consists of micro and small business enterprises. Many of them need many new IT solutions and business skills to improve the performance, expand their companies and making sustainable success.

And from this point, the Entrepreneurs business forum (EBF), CISCO, One Global Economy (OGE), in partnership with Alexandria Businessmen Association (ABA), “Development of small enterprises and crafts project”, Technology Innovative and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) in the ministry of communication and information technology and Alexandria university launched this initiative that aims to develop the professional and technical skills of the owners of small enterprises through training, guiding and counseling, in addition that it combines between the owners and the application developers from the youth, to create specialized technological programs, web pages and mobile applications helping them to expand their business and increase their sales.

The initiative is composed of two levels:
Level one: is applied through competitions, encouraging young application developers to create programs and solutions that fulfill the companies’ needs of growing. The top five winners will receive cash prize awards for their creative applications, in addition to other prizes for the top 25 developer.

The execution team permits the interaction and participation on the competition site between the economical elite, entrepreneurs, people who are involved in developmental work in general and youth to vote on the best new and creative applications.

The process of creating new applications and business solutions is done through watching around 20 videos, each of a period not more than 3 minutes, that introduces one of the entrepreneurs, his small project, when did he start and why, how did he face the challenges and difficulties in his project and its development and his point of view about the essential needs for the growth and expansion of any business.

And from this point, the application developers can suggest and find business solutions that work on the expansion of the company and increasing its sales, either by specialized programs, websites or mobile applications. The developers can find solutions for only one or many projects that are on the website for maximum 3 business solutions for every project.

Level 2: that’s composed of organizing two training programs. The first “How to develop your project” for small companies owners, and the second “How to start your own business” for young entrepreneurs for application developers, in addition to a number of workshops that aims to guide and counsel young entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their projects and converting them in to real business and introducing their projects to the investors and funders.

This initiative was designed to encourage young application developers on show their talents and ideas through creating programs that can be used generally on similar projects that have the chance to grow. Also, it was designed to be a place for developers to market for their applications on a wider scale to the public inside and outside Egypt. This competition will allow participants to gain publicity, appreciation and competing on having cash awards. In addition to the chance they will have in marketing for their applications and products about business owners.

The partners of this project expect the following strategic goals:
• motivating young entrepreneurs of the developers to compete to win the competition awards and providing applicable technological solutions helping them to translate their ideas in to realistic projects.
• Learning from the experience of other entrepreneurs and using it to develop ideas helping young entrepreneurs to build projects that are distinguished by creativity and competitiveness.
• Provide technical support through guiding meetings for developers and business owners.
• Providing a climate that is based on knowledge exchange is one of the most important and powerful elements that help individuals, especially fresh graduates to understand the importance of entrepreneurship and the environment of business through workshops. This is done by connecting application developers with entrepreneurs.
• Planning skills training to manage and develop new existing projects.
• Increase the competitiveness of small enterprises through its technological development.
• Changing hundreds of small businesses to medium enterprises category.
• Providing new distinguishable job opportunities for youth
• Providing a realistic picture of the investment climate and the possibility of starting new economical projects in Egypt, in the hope that future entrepreneurs find a source of guidance and inspiration.

Therefore, the availability of a climate based on cooperation and knowledge exchange of gathered experience is considered as one of the most powerful elements that help people and fresh graduates to understand the importance of entrepreneurship. They also yielded some new ideas and projects that in turn contribute to the economical development of the countries instead of wasting resources and energies.

Thus, small and micro enterprises can contribute effectively in making a real economical revolution through contributing in increasing the GNP, reducing the problem of unemployment, its role in the fight against poverty, development of slums and acting as a feeder or complementary tool for medium and large industries, and also a way to invest the local raw materials and contributing in developing the talents and creativity of the owners, in addition to its positive role in increasing exports.