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Welcome to “Gessur’s Technology of projects growth” initiative. If you have a creative idea for programs or solutions for technological missions or mobile applications that may help Egyptian entrepreneurs who have their own small projects to increase the scale of their business, then you can participate in this program and compete over its awards.

How we are ?

The Egyptian Entrepreneurs forum as a part of its role of supporting entrepreneurs and helping them to develop their projects, this initiative was launched and sponsored by CISCO, One Global Economy (OGE), in partnership with Alexandria Businessmen Assosiation (ABA), “Development of small enterprises and crafts project”, Technology Innocation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) , ministry of communication and information technology and Alexandria university.

Our Aim

The initiative aims to develop the professional and technical skills of the small enterprises owners through training, guiding and counseling. In addition, it combines between the owners and young application developers to find technological solutions helping them to expand their enterprises.

Are You Ready

If you are ready to partisipate and be a part of the initiative please click to learn more to learn every thing about us.

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